Tearing the (job board) walls down

As someone who is perpetually trying to connect job seekers with employers, I gotta say that one of THE most frustrating aspects of the process is dealing with all the various silos and application formats that exist. I recently read a statistic that there are currently 3.2 million unfilled jobs in the United States, not because there are no qualified candidates or people unwilling to do the work, but because there is no system in place for matching the two sides. (And this is not a new phenomenon. The US Labor data shows 2+ million open jobs nearly every month going back at least a decade.) Aggregators, such as Indeed and Simply Hired have helped the process by at least culling together much of what is posted online, but there continues to be so many barriers to the process, that it is mind numbing.

Enemy Combatant #1 -The Vertical Silo. Specialized job boards are great, IF that is all you do. The reality in this new gig-economy is that job seekers have a broad range of skills and talents that they can utilize, and having to set up (& manage) accounts across the internet is ludicrous. And not simply for people seeking work. A new employer on Hourly told me that on average he would post a single job on 6-8 job sites, including trade schools and organizations, in the hopes of finding the right candidates, but in the end was “an expensive crap shoot”, as he called it, and successful 35% of the time.

Issue #2 – The Ever Changing Application Form. Anyone remember the “Common App” in college? It was a godsend. Take all the applications that are fundamentally the same and create one consistent platform, saving everyone involved, time, money and sanity….If any of you have recently applied OR posted a job online, you know where I am going with this one. “Powered by Taleo, LinkedIn, BrassRing, Simplicity”, not to mention all the custom jobs. The variables of what is or is not required could drive anyone to drink, multiplied by the number of sites that any one person has to manage.

And #3 – The Low Cost Wasteland For mid-small sized businesses, unwilling to spend $200+ per job post, Craigslist has become a great catch-all for  jobs, but is unmanageable and frenetic. As one member put it, “I felt like I was glued to my desk, checking it ever two to three hours in case something good came along; and then you didn’t even know who you were sending information to half the time.”

Dealing with the same issues, our goal at Hourly is to eliminate the drama on both sides and tear down the barriers between all these job boards. IMAGINE a single destination where you can:

  1. Find jobs that match all your job interests
  2. Be matched (& alerted) to new opportunities, as they are added
  3. Apply to jobs with the click of a button
  4. Know who is on the other side of the conversation

It’s how we are doing things here at Hourly, and invite others to tear the walls down with us.